Mohave Community Choir

Based in Kingman, Arizona, the Mohave Community Choir is a "Partner in the Arts" and has been performing in the Kingman/Mohave County area since 1997, providing musical variety for all who enjoy the sounds of a choral group.

Our musical selections encompass a wide range of styles. We perform everything from jazz to oldies, classical to country western, as well as traditional, modern, and spiritual pieces, and songs for special occasions.

We are constantly striving to be an inspiration to Mohave County through our music. The photos on this page are from our May 2013 performance "Spring Joy in Song". Diane Schreider provided piano accompaniment. Roger Johnson was the conductor.

Do you enjoy singing? Click here for additional information on how you can join us. Choir membership is open to everyone ages 16 years and up. Both men and women are encouraged to join.

It is the goal of the Mohave Community Choir to combine the many talents of our group with those of local performers in order to entertain with spectacular performances. For information on how to schedule your group for a performance with the Mohave Community Choir click here.

Roger Johnson
Diane Schreider
There was a nice crowd of about 175 people that enjoyed the performance.
The performance was held at the St. John's United Methodist Church in Kingman, Arizona.
Henry Varga waiting to begin a solo.
Intermission Break with Wonderful Goodies.
The official legal name of the Entity is Mohave Community Choir Trust. It is known as Mohave Community Choir.  It is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Henry Varga is one of the original trustees as the creator of the organization.